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Features in this "Learn English for Free" version:
• Contains the Alphabet with Phonics: (sounds and letters)
• Word lists covering the most popular English pronunciation for English letters in the alphabet.
• Video and audio; and International phonetic alphabet transcript.
• Auto update new lessons; word lists and videos will follow shortly with alternative sounds for each letter combination.
• Contains adverts: banner and interstitial.
Learn English- with your own virtual English Pronunciation teacher!
Finally! The Ultimate English pronunciation APP that teaches you how to pronounce English properly.
Unlike all other pronunciation APPs, this actually shows you in detail how to pronounce all the sounds used to make up complete words and how to pronounce these complete words.
It also records and checks your pronunciation to make sure you are doing it correctly!
Suitable for students, from absolute beginners through to advanced levels; and also for teachers.
A truly unique and a cutting edge APP; developed in partnership with a World Leading educational institution "The University of Glasgow, U.K" . Being a finalist in the British Council English Language Teaching Awards(ELTons); this program is not only innovative but proven to be effective after extensive testing with hundreds of students in many colleges.
It is currently used in Colleges throughout the United Kingdom and is now available to you at a special reduced rate for a limited time, to help perfect your English pronunciation and comprehension.
How it works
This APP helps you in several KEY areas in learning English pronunciation.
1. You will SEE and hear the pronunciation of each sound used to make complete words and how to pronounce the complete words.
2. How these sounds join(blend) together together to make the full word.
3. SEE what letters make each sound in the word.
4. You also have the International phonetic translation for each word.
5. You can practice your pronunciation, by recording and getting it checked using the most advanced speech recognition technology* to help you perfect you pronunciation and comprehension; and keep your score and progress recorded.
6. Practice as many times as you want, for as long as you want; unlike a language teacher, English Visual Pronunciation Coach will never tire hearing your voice!
Achieve better English pronunciation, everyday, in your work and your daily life!
What this is NOT.
This is Not a dictionary; a thesaurus or a complete language course; there are hundreds of programs to help you with this already.
Simply put:
This is a program focusing on helping you improve you pronunciation using a unique approach unmatched by any other program in existence.
Please note:
By downloading this app you accept the terms of our End User License Agreement (EULA) found at
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Butuh: Android4.0 or later


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